Curious Winston Churchill

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Polyamorous Scourge Lambic

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The Moose Formerly Known As Count Chocula’s Cunning Koelsch

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Unholy Famous Lambic

Sizzling Stumbling Pilsner

Madonna’s Portentious Dragon Barley Wine

Glutinous Slimemold Koelsch

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Golden Faaaaantastick Glove Bavarian Dunkelweizen

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Buddha and Krusty’s Nefarious Russian Imperial Stout

Faaaaantastick Lambic

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Stumbling Weasels American Light Lager

Joyous Road Rage Rauchbier

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Amber Frickin Carboy Maerzen

Sloshed Mikhail Baryshnikov Pilsner

Bitchin’ Epiphany Black Tripel

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Crackalicious Marcel Mersault Maerzen

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Where’s my Ocelot? Stout

Finnigan’s Faaaaantastick Porpoise Schwartzbier

Elvis’s Ancient Ruby Tribles India Pale Ale

Grunting Rat Altbier

Nuclear Lambic

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Marcel Mersault’s Ferrell Amber Ewok Altbier

Big Bird and Krusty’s Stinky Koelsch

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Randy Gnarly Maerzen

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Mothra and Count Chocula’s Glutinous Dopplebock

The Shitszu Formerly Known As Krusty’s Blessed Pale Ale

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Cletus’s Moronic Pufferfish Wit

General Tsao’s Burning Ocelot Lambic

Beazelbub’s Wobbly Black Loch Ness Monster Russian Imperial Stout

Bald Spiderman Stout

Marcel Mersault’s Drunk Yellow Sheep Russian Imperial Stout

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Turgid Vampire Bat Hefeweizen

Electric Pablo Picasso Hefeweizen

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Drunk Chewbacca Defense Maerzen

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Bitchin’ Bastille Day Amber Koelsch

Finnigan’s Unholy Brown Squid Lambic

Super Duper Manatee Gueuze

Stupidly Dense Wee Heavy

The Chicken Formerly Known As Madonna’s Sneaky Gueuze

Beige Portentious Kung Fu Brown Ale

Pablo Picasso’s Happy Hefeweizen

Golden Cinco de Mayo Pils

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Firkin Mantaray Bavarian Dunkelweizen

Brown Portentious Tun Wee Heavy

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Cunning Bavarian Dunkelweizen

Big Bird’s Nuclear Amber Tribles Stout

Turgid Persian New Year Ruby Rauchbier

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Santa and Barney’s Flacid Altbier

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Succulent Love Stout

Grunting Pale Ale

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The Gloworm