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Unholy Famous Lambic

On Tap Now!

Buddha and Krusty’s Nefarious Russian Imperial Stout

Joyous Road Rage Rauchbier

Bitchin’ Epiphany Black Tripel

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Where’s my Ocelot? Stout

Big Bird and Krusty’s Stinky Koelsch

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Mothra and Count Chocula’s Glutinous Dopplebock

General Tsao’s Burning Ocelot Lambic

Beazelbub’s Wobbly Black Loch Ness Monster Russian Imperial Stout

Electric Pablo Picasso Hefeweizen

Super Duper Manatee Gueuze

The Chicken Formerly Known As Madonna’s Sneaky Gueuze

Pablo Picasso’s Happy Hefeweizen

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Firkin Mantaray Bavarian Dunkelweizen

Brown Portentious Tun Wee Heavy

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Santa and Barney’s Flacid Altbier